2013 – Year of Creation

Every moment is an opportunity to live deeper


My name is Hadley Gallen

and for four years this day has brought me such anxiety.  And I just want to be myself for you, I don’t want to prove anything today.  This is my last chance to tell you who I am. I have been using other peoples’ monologues to try to show you who I really am, and it doesn’t feel right anymore.  It never really did.  I never had something of my own to say.  Just my own expectations to fill.  I have been studying for four years so that I could have the skills to make a difference in the world – but only now, at the end of my time hear, do I really understand the significance of what we do here.  And I have never felt so calm.  And alive.  The work that I do is to help others understand the capabilities of their bodies, their minds, their own creativity.  I’ve never been successful in the past because I didn’t own mine.  Now I have a purpose, an understanding of what I am here to accomplish in this life.  And it is so much bigger than these minutes.  No monologue can express who I am and what I can do.  But I never would have known that if you hadn’t given me these three minutes every semester to try.

So thank you for your time.


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