2013 – Year of Creation

Every moment is an opportunity to live deeper

Toypurina – Who Am I?

Who am I in relationship to Toypurina?

I feel a very eerie, deeply soulful connection to this woman.  She is of epic proportions.  When I think about her, I feel her.  I feel myself AS HER her looking at the moon, gathering and identifying herbs and reading the signs in the trees.  I feel sunlight on her skin, I feel beads against her skin, I feel shadows dancing on her skin as I feel them on my own.

I have no genetic relation to her whatsoever

And yet I am bound to her

Across time and space

We share a common vision.  A vision of natural liberation and joyous freedom in the living breathing world.

She and I have no common language, no  shared community – I don’t even know if she’d like me if she met me.

And yet she chose me.

She chose me to channel her.  She sought me out because I have the ability to share her message with the earth.  She is my ancestry.  I am her contemporary.  We are revolutionary.

When I tell her (Christine’s) dream, I feel it and see it as intimately as though it were happening to us – her, me – right now.  I understand her emotional journey.  Her anger, her resentment, her confusion.  She knows that anger and revenge are not the right paths, nto the way to take care of the situation.  And yet she doesn’t know another way to translate her message to the men who took over her lands.  It is their language, hatred.

But hatred is not the language of Peace.  It is not the language of Progress.  It is the enemy of Love, it is a foreign tongue in our mouths.  Love is the true language, the method of communication that is understood by all.  When a person tried to communicate from any way other than Love, their efforts are muddied and entangled, confused.

I want to tell Toypurina’s story from a NOW, forward-looking perspective.  I want to tell her past in the NOW.  She wants to be heard NOW.

And the message needs to be heard NOW

I have words
We have words

Wa’at guwat’tat tayiy hunuka’

In memory of my ancestors

A seance, a resurrection, the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle all in one

Time to meditate and see it for yourself enacted before you

Time to breathe life in, restore history, identify your talisman, discover your quest and your community of the Earth

Words in Trees, english spanish tongva man woman child me i her him we love earth move hands basket food fight(why did that come up?) MOTHER

The Mother – The people of the earth

Eagle.  Datura the Great Woman.  Breath of Life.  Sun Captain.  Deer Mother of Earth.

WHO IS THE SIXTH?  The Mother.

And two water snakes at the bottom of the coil of Life.  (Tortoises all the way down)



I move and I say “That must be part of my peoples’ dance”

?? – What’s happening with finding the words?
?? – What’s your process that mirrors what you spoke of?

It’s so important that we observe the same gestural patterns in different bodies when we speak of community.  Every word has an effect on the body, an emotional core lives somewhere in the body that inspires movement based on the infiltration of that word.  COMMUNITY lives in the hands – we observed this in Activism class today, in 4 groups of 6 people, all groups formed a unified circle and expressed gestures relating to community mostly through their hands.
I spoke of Hands in my monologue
Hands share, give, hold, build, gesture, shape, write, form, indicate, illustrate, fill, pour, gather.  Hands are the tools of communication – community.
The universal language lives IN THE BODY


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