2013 – Year of Creation

Every moment is an opportunity to live deeper


Hadley is an actress, yoga teacher, physical performer, and a student of Ayurveda.  She graduated from CalArts in 2013, and has lived and studied in many places throughout the world, including Scotland, India, Switzerland and Uganda.  The things that make life worthwhile are snowboarding, backpacking, learning new languages, building costumes, and doing yoga all the livelong day.

It is Hadley’s mission to travel the world, discover all its majesty, the magnificence that people have to offer each other, and to bring those lessons into her Yoga and Dance Theatre practice.  First and foremost, she believes in the power of the human spirit – body and mind, human beings are incredible feats of nature, capable of accomplishing anything imaginable.  She believes that people have a responsibility to teach and care for one another, especially now in 2013, when the world is seemingly such a chaotic place, politically, socially, economically, agriculturally, environmentally, soulfully.  How can we use our infinite human capabilities to investigate deeper, explore the issues we face and open to new levels of possibility?  This is the question Hadley Gallen asks every day.




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